Are you in a  STATE OF EMERGENCY??

 Where everything seems out of control and chaotic?

 Many of us are in what can be called;

a Financial State of Emergency….

….money stresses popping up everywhere.

It’s like….’here we go again spinning out of control’

 Like a plane taking a nose dive, known as a ‘Tailspin.’

 Or in this case….

 ….Financial Tail Spin

 What do you do?

 Who do you call?                                                     

 Where do you go?

 When we get caught up in this kind of condition – sometimes it can be a helpless feeling; where it seems that everything Negative that could happen – Happens all at once!!

 All we want to do at that point is get ourselves right as soon as we can!!

 So again….What do we do?

 What I do is work on staying as focused as possible, while staying in the process and pressing on toward the desired goal of ‘Comfort Zone’ away from the ‘Financial Tail Spin.’

Who do we call?

 I guess that really depends on the person. For me….I call all of the positive spiritual forces within and without to help bring to a halt the State of Emergency I find myself in.

Prayer…never hurts!!

 Where do we go?

 We go back to work and get ourselves back on track with a ‘never say quit’ attitude while driving a vehicle of success that will get us far from the

Financial State of Emergency and Financial Tail Spin.

 Where else do we look to find something great that can change our family’s lives forever?

 On the internet??

 Possibly ….

 Our local and national newspaper/magazines??


 Word of mouth??


 I’m here to tell you, that the one place to look for help in eliminating yours and my

State of Emergency… right within this blog post :o )

 That’s right!! Within this very post of mine!!

 You see….

 Just like many of you – I’ve been spinning inside my own State of Emergency and Financial Tail Spin.

 But if we are anything alike….


 And we know that just like a storm….this too will pass!! Click Here

 So….what vehicle have I found that has the strategies, techniques and tools to drive us past financial hardships as we accelerate to the lifestyle we dream of??


 Empower Network can be a way to get what you want and need in a short amount of time…

 ….If you are willing to put in the work – not difficult work….but diligent and consistent work.

 Of course; not all will do this…which simply means – Empower Network is not for everybody!!

 However; if you get a real chance to improve your financial life beyond your wildest of Dreams for only $25….

 ….Take it!! Absolutely take it!!

 Do the right thing and get in Get in here


 Because it’s for you.

 Understand this….you are NOT reading this blog post by accident….

 ….so it won’t be an accident when you join our team, follow the simple core steps and accomplish your Dreams!!

 Make a decision make it here and….                                     “10:19″ Video Discussion Here

 …Just do it                                                 







Fight the Power

of Empower Network!


What are you talking about?

Well it seems to me some people…. even other MLM types are trying to fight or even undermine the successful power of change that Empower Network is having over thousands of people; lead by the “Guru Slayer” David Wood and the “Commission Magician” David Sharpe.

 Their cool and unorthodox style of leadership

(with an emphasis on keeping it real and empower regular non Guru type of folks) is refreshing.

Why then, you might ask, are so many people and their entities hell bent on

Fighting the Power??

It’s because Empower Network has and is revolutionizing the Online and even Offline Marketing Industry.

Empower Affiliates are able to sell superb products and get 100% Commission every time.

A community culture and leadership that’s committed to helping the average person succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

To help everyday folks earn the kind of life changing income that was once reserved for the so-called “Super Heroes”

What’s happening is; the cover is being pulled off of an industry that purposely hid a lot of truth from rank and file members, on how things really worked.

You know the style….

 The one where Toto pulls the cover off the fake Wizard of Oz and exposes him for what he was….a PHONY BALONEY!!

All the fake and frauds are the ones who get mad after being exposed…they lash out and….

Fight the Power

of Empower Network.


 What about the outdated methodology, systems, tools and strategies other companies use. Theirs may have been on point several years ago…. but not today.

Our strategies, tools and systems are cutting edge….tried tested and proven effective methods in today’s internet market niche.

I believe another reason they Fight the Power so hard; is because we are growing in numbers at a supersonic pace – causing others in the industry to wonder; “what the hell is going on with Empower Network….how can they growing so fast?”

Let’s consider the fact that we earn 100% commission on everything we sell.

You think maybe…

 Just maybe…100% Commissions could attract a few people??

Strong and creative leadership and a culture throughout its membership that’s determined to kick the old, tired, and self serving way of doing things…. Out the box!

 You can’t  Fight the Power  of the Movement called….



 Our Haters try to stop us….but even they recognized that this is and we are, bigger than the obstacles thrown in front of us.

 We call this; ‘FIGHTING THE FORCES OF EVIL’              

 This also happens to be the theme for our upcoming event September 21-23 in

San Diego, CA ‘Fight The Forces of Evil’           

This is a must event for all Empower Network Affiliates who want to turn their business up several notches….

Our team has a vision and a plan to get where we intend to go, and that’s to the TOP!!

The only thing that will stop us is our own Indecisiveness and FEAR!!

Make the decision and get it DONE!!

Don’t Fight the Power…


Don’t Fight the Power of Empower Network….

Join the Power of our Network…

And help Fight the Forces of Evil that would keep us from achieving our full potential.

Go Here to join the POWER!!







I mean….


You shut down our community, block all likes and comments…


For what??

We have good relevant content, compelling organic blog posts that many people from around the world find very helpful.

You who shut us down, is to prove….what??

 Is it because of Haters who can’t stand to see us grow so quickly and without fake, phony and false pretenses?

Please believe and make no mistake about it….

Not only will we survive…

WE WILL T H R I V E ! ! !

 Empower Network is more than some little affiliate internet business…

We are defined by ordinary people doing extraordinary things; it’s a worldwide MOVEMENT that’s exploding daily…

 With or without FACEBOOK!!

 Deleting our Empower Network community is like wiping out an entire city of 10,000 people, based on fear and misunderstanding.

Shutting us down for no apparent reason has only shown people how controlling and misleading Facebook rules are.

Empower Network has created life changing atmospheres and environments for thousands of its members.

See our Alexa traffic ranking:

This is just more proof that you can’t stop a movement where the people are unified…

…we just cracked in the top 300 sites online, even though Facebook blocked all likes and commenting on our site :o )

Haters can hate, and we let them – in fact…

Haters make us Famous!

The people always stand victorious in the end.

Like us….


Hate us….


You won’t stop us… from doing what’s good and right as we continue to grow worldwide!

Understand this…

 ‘No weapon formed against those ones who seek to do the right thing by others…Shall prosper’

 Take it or let it alone!

One final thought…

Doesn’t it always seem to be that when someone tries to suppress something that’s good, positive and right, it somehow finds a way to make itself manifest to those who need, want and desire it?

Empower Network is Empowering regular folks to heights they never thought possible until now.

Everyday people are able to make the kind of money they once were afraid to even dream of!!

 For an entity like Facebook to think they can censor a Movement like this from the very people who need it….is false thinking.

You see…

We’re gonna keep doing what we’ve been doing; and that’s to provide excellent market value products, great blogging content all over the internet, and Integrity through infinity.

To expose outdated tools, systems and strategies that aren’t working; and replace them with those that are tried, tested and proven effective in today’s market place.

Facebook… this is the only way we know to be.

As everything happens for a reason…we know it’s our season to make the reason


 If you are the least bit curious why Facebook is acting the way it is, why they have decided to block our community to the point of shutting us down….

Click Here

Please understand….we are not crying or moping around over their misguided decision, nor are we seeking  pity from anyone because we know;

‘To the victor goes the spoils’





….there’s nothing like Family.

This can be a good thing or a not so good thing. Let’s talk about the good….

When things get rough and tough we generally turn to our biological Family for love, support and help.

Even though we may have a strong Family of friends….there’s nothing like your true blood kin folks.

When we talk of Family, usually there’s a particular member that we go to more often for help, guidance and assistance.

It could be our…

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle and even Cousins.

Which ones we go to I guess depends on who has always been there the most in our time of need…

Yes some of us have friends who are truly like Family in all that they say and do


I was told long ago; ‘that you are Blessed if you have one good friend in your lifetime who you can always count on to be there anytime you need them.’


For the most part…


Is Forever…No matter what our shortcomings are…We Are Still Family!!
Of course there are times we get angry, argue, fuss and cuss to the point of disagreement with one another, but when it comes to the “Rally Cry” of support; Families can let bygones be bygones and come together for a greater cause…

Many of us have a main or favorite Family relative that we go to over and over again for the support we need whether it’s Spiritual, Mental, Emotional or Financial…

For me personally…

It’s been my older – youngest sister (she’s older than me) but the youngest of my sisters.

She’s helped me out for a as long as I can remember
(I’d like to believe I have helped her some too Lol)

Several situations a hard headed younger brother would get into….and she was able to help me get out of.

I have nothing but love, admiration and respect for my older/youngest sister Kay; that’s not to say I don’t have the same love for my other sisters and
Family Members – because I do….

They all know that the youngest Sister and Brother have a strong bond and always helped and supported one another for the longest of time.

Just a few days back I was feeling a financial crunch….and out of the blue;
(like she knew…cause I didn’t mention it) she gave me enough to straighten out my
mini crisis.

I gave her this puzzled ‘Thank you, how did you know’ look…

She just said… ”What are sister for.”

I choked up some – for a lot of reasons. (I know…very appreciative though)

Bless her heart; she has something special coming to her Really soon….from me and all of the other people she’s helped.

The Heavens will open up and rain Good Things on her!

I’m sure most of you have Family member that you go to on a regular basis.

Has it been life long??

I have another


that I’m a part of; EMPOWER NETWORK.

A Family that’s bound and determined to Empower everyday people with an online business opportunity that has the capability to help change lives while earning
100% Commissions through the marketing of 4 core products; starting with a dynamic low cost – high value Blogging system at only $25 per month.

We are a community that knows in order to grow; we have to stay together….

In order to stay together we have to work together…

We work together to ensure that anyone who makes the decision to be all in to win…will have access to all of the resources available for success!

If you want an opportunity with a true Family feel…. are looking for
100% Commissions…with a desire to win….

Then it’s time…time to join EMPOWER NETWORK!

Click the link (copy and paste if it doesn’t open)
Just get in…





Integrity is something I believe we all should have no matter what.

The simple fact is; people will form their opinions of others based on Integrity shown by that person.

When we seek to be honest and fair dealing in our everyday lives, it will come back around for the good.

However; it gets old when we have to constantly weed through the bull shit to find out who’s upfront and forthright; who’s gonna give it to us straight.

Unfortunately we can’t take everyone we come in contact with; at face value.

The Haters are out there…we have to feed them with a long handled spoon!

Who are some of the people we interact with on a regular basis?

What are their job titles – professions?                

What do you believe is their Integrity level?

Some feel that those who are paid on commission lack a certain amount of Integrity;

(Trying to get the sale at all cost)

While this may be true of some, the majority (that I have found) are upfront and honest, because they realize that Referrals are the life line of their business.

It‘s financial suicide to practice pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes; hiding the truth under the table, when you rely on commission sales for your livelihood…Really?

Not smart at all!!

Why go that type of route when it’s much easier to keep folks in a fair and honest loop, gain their trust and respect while receiving a steady dose of referrals coming our way….all because we made the decision to have Integrity in all that we do.

Often times this is all we have….our WORD!

I see it this way; it’s a hell of a lot simpler and less stressful to exercise Integrity than it is to sneak around in the dark (even in the light) and lie all over the place while you pretend to be otherwise. Liars will steal and liars will cheat.

Can’t see how you will last long being like that with today’s Social Information Highway that will find you out!

 What about Business Opportunities? Don’t we want honest answers there too??

What do we look for in our search?

Integrity?….ummmhmmm of course we do!

Along with the cost to Join and the how quick can we make Money questions.

If you are looking for a company that has leadership, community, low start-up cost, ability to make money quicker than anything out there, (100% Commissions) the best marketing tools, systems, and strategies on the planet….

And most of all Integrity…..

Then you can call off the Search…send the ‘Blood Hounds’ home.

Because…. you have just found what you are looking for. Watch it here

You see….Empower Network under the leadership of David Wood and David Sharpe,



We are absolutely on fire and doing it in a way that Empowers everyday people to make a difference and a change in their environment, atmosphere and surroundings day in and day out.

The Forces of Evil and Misunderstanding are trying to keep us from growing and succeeding.

But you know what…?                                       

They can’t stop – won’t stop us….


Because the will and the power of the people, (all 40,000 of us in less than 10 months) have sounded off with one BIG VOICE!!

 Yes we’re Shaking up the World…but we have only just BEGUN!!!!

 If you want the opportunity to earn 100% Commission with Empower Network Click Here

Don’t make the mistake of scared indecision, go with the one with Integrity….make a decision to change…. and just get in.

 Get in Here



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